Conservatism, Liberalism or Pragmatism?

I finally decided to start my own blog. There are all these people all over the internet that are writing something wrong. It is about time that someone would write the right things.

First thing is to choose a name for the blog. A name that would concisely summarize my world views. I need to ask myself, what are my world views? On some issues I am a conservative, on others I am a liberal. Mostly, I try to be a pragmatist and as a pragmatist I know that I need to find a domain name that is freely available. Luckily, there is one world view that has the perfect balance. Not too conservative, not too liberal, not to big, not too small, not too hot, not too cold. And the domain name is still available – Goldilocksism.

What will it be about? To those of you that don’t know me, I would describe myself as a physicist. Being a physicist is not only an academic degree, it defines how I perceive the world. I will try to concentrate on science. If I do wonder off to other subjects (politics anyone?), I will try to keep it scientific. Well, as scientific as is humanly possible. After all, I don’t want to raise expectations too high.

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